How To Get Published: Episode 8 Find a Coach Video

The last Wednesday of every month we’re progressing through the How To Write A Book & Get Published series by Pat Ferdinandi. Each video walks you through the next step to writing YOUR book.

For tips for creating video, we’ve added notes on what to watch for and learn when creating your next video.

What to watch for in this video:

  1. Notice the shirt…wrinkles show up…iron whenever possible
  2. Notice how a reference to someone else (The Heath Brothers) is added via a callout versus stated
  3. Notice the soft sell of one of the many things I offer

How can you soft sell what you do? As Jeffrey Gitomer always says: “People don’t like to be sold; but love to buy.”

Leave a comment below about this video. Was the soft sell too soft or too hard in this video?



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