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You should note that it is predicted that video will increase 40% in 2012. The smart phones and tablets are pushing the growth in video. After all, nothing beats a demonstration than a demonstration! Nothing facilitates the demonstration online than a video.

I predict many people will try to do it themselves. After all, it is easier now than ever before. You can use your smart phone, your tablet (just look at what Apple announced with the iPad 3 … aka new iPad … last week).

With that in mind, should you go out a buy a separate recording device for you business social video needs? If so…what?

Well, Seth Godin had a great post last Saturday. He talked providing the right product for the customer:

Consider two options:

When talking to an amateur, to a stranger, to a newbie, to someone who isn’t committed, the best path is clarity, which means simplicity. Few choices, no guessing, no hunting around.

When talking to a fellow professional, to a peer, to someone in the same groove as you, the goal is to maximize useful density of choice. Put as much power in the hands of the user as possible.

Let me apply this thinking to choosing a video recording device:

  1. If you are going to make less than 3 videos this year, use what you have. You are someone who isn’t committed to using business social videos.
  2. If you want to make more than 3 videos to promote you, your business, your brand, your product/service … buy a separate recording device. You may still be uncommitted, someone in the grove or somewhere in between. You’ll want a separate device to be set up to take multiple videos per month. You will not want to use up your smart phone or tablets memory with the videos you take…waiting for time for editing.
    1. If you are a newbie, go with simple. The cheaper all-in-one devices have very few manual features. Find one in which you can understand and use the device within 15 minutes with no problems.
    2. If you want more manual control, go with a more expensive prosumer or professional recording device(s) to help you get the optimum look you want. Devices include:

Everyone knows their own tolerance level and needs (including budget). Start smaller and easier to use until you know which category (non-committed vs heavy user) you will be over the next two years.

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