Your opening line is the most important of your business social video

Doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a professional speaker, one of the hardest habits to break is to start your video by introducing yourself. No one cares who you are until you provide something of value to them!

The first 30 seconds of any business social video is the most important. It is the first 30 seconds, a blink of an eye, that the viewers (potential customers) decide if he or she should continue watching your video.

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The first 30 seconds needs to engage the viewers in wanting to know more. It grabs his or her attention by describing the premise of what is valuable to him or her.

Think of your video as initiating a conversation with the viewer, state the premise first:

  • Avoid the “I” statements (not I found the problem).
  • What is the perceived value of the listener (not you).
  • Be specific (vague concepts can be misinterpreted).
  • Leave the viewer wanting to know why, how, or more detail.
  • Ensure your tone is positive.
  • Show empathy and understanding of their situation.
  • Leave the viewer wanting to engage with you more because the experience is:
    • Helpful
    • Friendly
    • Valuable
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